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Talk Like a Pirate (and TFS updates)

Talk Like a Pirate Day is next Monday (September 19), less than a week away. Dust off your eyepatch, dig up that gold hoop earring, and practice growling, “walk the plank!” And while you’re at it, don’t forget to make sure that you have my Text Filter Suite plugin installed on your WordPress blog, and activate your Pirate filter!

Speaking of which, if you have an old version of the filters, you should download the new version. The tfs-core.php file is now version 1.1, is compatible with WordPress 1.5, and has been renamed to zzz-tfs-core.php (this forces it to load after the other filters, so it will be able to detect their functions correctly). The tfs-acronymit and tfs-pirate filters have also been updated with more phrases and WordPress 1.5 compatibility fixes.

Arrr! Prepare to be boarded, ye scurvey dog!

Update: Kelson Vibber pointed out a problem with comment RSS feeds. Updated versions of the TFS plugin or links to just the affected core file are available on the TFS Plugin post.

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