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12 Responses to Free Opera Registration

  1. They started giving codes for an ad free Opera a couple weeks ago for their Birthday. I went and grabbed a code. I have to say the interface was rather sharp looking. I also didn’t realize they were still giving away the code. They said they were only doing it for that date (which apparently wasn’t true).

  2. I need more morning coffee. I totally forgot the reason I came to your site. Your feeds contains PHP errors on bloglines. I thought I would let you know.

  3. I guess you don;t allow posting of pictures. Here’s a direct link to a snapshot of the errors. This is showing up on every entry.

  4. They gave away free registation codes for Opera 8.02 at their birthday party, and only then. What’s new now, is that there’s no more registration – starting today with the release of Opera 8.5 it’s completely free without ads.

  5. Jon says:

    They’re doing it forever:

    Straight from the horse’s mouth.

  6. Dougal says:

    Gilberto: The RSS errors were a side-effect of some hacks I was doing yesterday. I noticed the problem pretty quickly, so the problem only existed for a short time window. They should be all cleared up now.

  7. SPIRI says:

    This is not about getting a free registration code.

    The Opera browser is TOTALLY free from now on, just like Firefox and IE :).

  8. James says:

    Opera is sharp and fast. However, some sites will not work with Opera. The home site of my web hosting company did not show up well and some buttons won’t work. Some news sites like the Wall Street Journal does not work properly. It said I need to accept cookies. I already set Opera to accept all cookies. It still bounced me out.

  9. zoogies says:

    Of course, Opera was kinda free before, too…I paid absolutely no attention to the ads (until they were removed, nice change)…don’t know anyone who did.

  10. anneberit says:

    I’ve used Opera for a while, didn’t mind the ads either; but it’s nice that they’ve gone now 😉 One of the really nice things about Opera is that it’s available in two different versions (dialects) in Norwegian, so now it “talks to me” in my mother tongue as well 😀

  11. manish says:

    hi,my name is manish.
    I want opera browser registration code.
    I download the browser but my evaluation period is expired.
    There for pls tell me what can i do?
    Pls send me the message as soon as posible.
    Thanking you.

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