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Monthly Archives: November 2005

Breaking the silence

Between projects at work (rolling out the largest indoor WiFi network in the world at a certain international airport near Atlanta) and projects at home (building more IKEA furniture — bed, dresser, chest, entertainment center, end tables, ottomans; doing what I can to help Suze prepare for Thanksgiving), I haven’t had much time for posting lately. But I’m making a minute to come up for a quick breath and note some of the things that … Continue reading

Blog Software Smackdown

Thanks to my friend Mike, who pointed out the Blog Software Smackdown article over on SitePoint. Author Vinnie Garcia compares the “big three” of blogging software: Movable Type, WordPress, and Textpattern. He gives a good overview of each, discusses their strengths and possible pitfalls, and provides links to example sites for each. In the final analysis, he compares the systems in 9 areas, grading them on a five point scale. If you average the scores, … Continue reading

Got a dog

Our new dog, Spirit I had hoped to post about this sooner, but several weeks ago, we got a dog. His name is Spirit, and he’s a border collie mix. We’re not sure what the mix part is, but I was wondering if he might have some setter in him. He’s about 16 months old, and weighs around 55 pounds. He’s had some training already, and is pretty good about obeying a ‘sit’ command most … Continue reading

WordPress 1.5.x safe from XML-RPC worm

In case you didn’t already see my post over on the WordPress Development Blog, rest assured that WordPress is safe from the recently announced PHPXMLRPC worm. Some of the articles about this worm point to old information indicating that WP 1.5 is vulnerable, but that is incorrect. Versions 1.2.x and earlier are in danger, however. So if you have any older WP installations, you should upgrade them immediately, or delete the xmlrpc class files as … Continue reading

Microsoft Wireless Network: Powered by Linux

Microsoft puts out a lot of FUD claiming that Linux is inferior to Windows. But their new company-wide wireless network will be driven by Linux-based equipment. Aruba Networks was selected to provide the networking equipment for what is considered to be one of the world’s largest next-generation wireless LANs, serving more than 25,000 simultaneous users a day in some 60 countries. According to an Aruba press statement, Microsoft’s new WLAN will be deployed in 277 … Continue reading