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Microsoft Wireless Network: Powered by Linux

Microsoft puts out a lot of FUD claiming that Linux is inferior to Windows. But their new company-wide wireless network will be driven by Linux-based equipment.

Aruba Networks was selected to provide the networking equipment for what is considered to be one of the world’s largest next-generation wireless LANs, serving more than 25,000 simultaneous users a day in some 60 countries. According to an Aruba press statement, Microsoft’s new WLAN will be deployed in 277 buildings covering more than 17 million square feet using Aruba mobility controllers, mobility software and some 5000 wireless access points.

What the press statement didn’t mention is that Aruba mobility controllers run the Linux operating system which Microsoft has aggressively targeted as being inferior to Windows as part of its “Get the Facts” marketing campaign.

It’s good to know that Microsoft is in line with my personal philosophy of “use whatever tool is best for the job”. 😉

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