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The State of FeedLounge

Alex has posted a moderately detailed article explaining The State of FeedLounge. For any newcomers who don’t know what FeedLounge is, it’s a web based feed aggregator, not unlike BlogLines. But FeedLounge is a next-generation web service that looks and acts more like a desktop application than a web site.

I’m one of the lucky alpha testers who have had access for the last six months. I committed to using FeedLounge as my only feed reader, dumping SharpReader and the RSS capabilities of Thunderbird. I’ve watched FeedLounge go through some rough spots, and it always came back better than before. Alex and Scott have done an outstanding job with everything from the great AJAXian user interface to the invisible backend. When the time comes, if the price is right, I’m going to be a paying customer.

But you don’t care about all that, do you? What good is it to read about a service that you don’t have access to? All you care about is knowing that FeedLounge will be open for public beta on January 16, 2006.

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