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New features in WordPress 2.0?

A lot of people are still asking what the differences are between WordPress version 1.5.2 and version 2.0. I did mention that a lot of the differences are under the surface, and I mentioned the WYSIWYG editor and the new user permissions scheme. Rather than list the changes here, I’ll point you to those who have already written about it.

One of the best articles is probably What’s New in WordPress 2.0? over on Owen Winkler’s site. There are also several articles over on Ryan’s site which detail some of the new changes.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

One of the things that I only recently discovered myself is the fact that images uploaded to a post become “attachments” which become sub-pages themselves. In other words, each uploaded image becomes a WordPress page, with its own comments. This gives you the basic functionality of a photo gallery without the need for any external software. Click on the image in this post for an example.

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