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New features in WordPress 2.0?

A lot of people are still asking what the differences are between WordPress version 1.5.2 and version 2.0. I did mention that a lot of the differences are under the surface, and I mentioned the WYSIWYG editor and the new user permissions scheme. Rather than list the changes here, I’ll point you to those who have already written about it.

One of the best articles is probably What’s New in WordPress 2.0? over on Owen Winkler’s site. There are also several articles over on Ryan’s site which detail some of the new changes.

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

One of the things that I only recently discovered myself is the fact that images uploaded to a post become “attachments” which become sub-pages themselves. In other words, each uploaded image becomes a WordPress page, with its own comments. This gives you the basic functionality of a photo gallery without the need for any external software. Click on the image in this post for an example.

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16 Responses to New features in WordPress 2.0?

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  2. Anonymous says:

    can manage the file which i upload?

  3. CT says:

    … And you’ll have the ability to turn this image sub-page behavior off — right? Because some of us (me) don’t particularly want that.

  4. 24fc says:

    I don’t like the attachment idea. I don’t want a database that requires ten years to back up because it is 5 gigs in size. This is a really bad idea since php databases of any size often fail a backup process on many servers. I like keeping my images organized in a “files” directory and pointing to them from the posts – launching them with a sized popup. I also don’t like the idea of comments getting scattered all over the place – under the pictures individually or under the post? What a mess that would make.

    I am disappointed in WP 2.0. I don’t think the changes are functional so much as they are feature fluff. This is an ongoing problem with the MS Office development cycle. They keep adding crud without fixing some of the basic limitations of the software.

    For example, WP still doesn’t allow editing of multiple comments wihout a plugin. How about enhancing the img quick tag to create a popup? Nope.

    The wysiwyg editor stinks. It is slow to load and the fist thing I did was turn it off. And now wehen I save a post and hit the back button, my changes are lost.

    Overalll, I am disappointed in WP 2.0 and don’t feel comfortable with the direction it is going.

  5. Chris Miller says:

    WordPress 1.5x 4EVR!

  6. I think the most important (and progressive IMO) part of WP development is the inclusion of a working WYSIWYG editor. I’ve used quite some of it and none of it worked perfectly while the current WYSIWYG editor does just what I told it to. What’s the recipe?

  7. 24fc says:

    What in the world do we need a WYSIWYG editor for? Are HTML tags really that difficult to understand, and is it that impossible to push the save button and see what the post looks like while setting it to private? The editor is, imo, pointless and unnecessary. Those who need it to help them with difficult tasks cannot actually do anything difficult in it, such as define custom div tags etc, because it hides them and has no facility for doing anything difficult, and those of us with the ability to do that have to turn it off to write some html in the back.

    Plus it makes the write page unnecessarily slow and bandwidth intensive.

    Add to that the fact that it isn’t truly WYSIWYG, but just “kind of” WYSIWYG, and I see no reason to have included it.

    Meanwhile, if I want to move a group of posts from one category to another, I need a plug in. It seems WP development is misprioritizing fluff and leaving out solid functions that actually help me do work.

  8. Nils says:

    I have to agree that 2.0 is a little low on fixing basic limitations. I do like the new layout of the admin section, nicer to work with. The new privileges model will be much better than the old one, once it’s supported by anything.

    I don’t use the WYSIWYG editor either but it’ll help a lot of non-technical users. Still, I hope that you guys will actually improve wordpress itself for the next release instead of doing so much cosmetics…

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  11. ByteDreams says:

    hmm, guess the WYSIWYG feature is for newbies like me. Fantastico makes it easy for a newbie to install WP, but newbies want to make their own templates and even for a seasoned newbie like myself that for the most part can figure things out, the code can be a little bit stressful. Blogs are supposed to be fun, and not just for the code-enlightened few out there anymore — whether for business or pleasure, more non-technical folks want blogs. I don’t think this means WordPress has to dummy itself up, but without seeing it, I imagine this is what that feature is for, and I actually look forward to it.

    Typepad has some stuff added to Golive, will WordPress be doing something like this? I think that may be cool, as I use DW MX 2004. Or has it already come out with a DW or Golive extension I just haven’t seen?

  12. xenspirit says:

    I’ve had some trouble with the wysiwyg html editor inserting things that aren’t supposed to be there. Overall though I think it is fantastic.

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  15. BlogRank says:

    WordPress 1.5 is just fine, thank you. I’m running 2.0 on a couple of small sites and it’s working fine, but I just like the feel and the simplicity of 1.5 and don’t feel the need to upgrade just yet on my main site.

  16. Being new to WordPress, having started with 1.5 in November, I must say that I LOVE the 2.0 release. It’s hard to quantify it exactly in technical terms, but I’m finding it to be faster and the admin interface much nicer. Although I’m ok with HTML hand coding for entries, I much prefer the WYSIWIG…I’m doing things like bullets that I’d been avoiding.

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