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Timing is everything

Our group’s management has told us before that if there is any kind of work-related training we’d like to take or conferences we’d like to attend, to let them know. So when An Event Apart Atlanta was announced in January, I put in a request the same day. After not hearing anything for about three weeks, I sent a reminder, and let them know that we could still make the deadline for a $50 discount.

Yesterday, I sent this email:

You know that web conference that I wanted to attend next month?




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One Response to Timing is everything

  1. Rick Stabile says:

    You apparently have not become cynical enough when it comes to talking to management. 😉

    The sad thing is that your management probably didn’t even hit the link, so they don’t understand why you’re disgruntled.

    Remember, when management says that they have an “open door policy”, they mean that they will open their office door in order to enter their office in the morning, and they will open it once again before leaving for an important round of golf.

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