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The previous post was the first on this site that was auto-generated by the “daily blog posting” feature. Geof has been doing this for a while, and I was already planning to do something like this on my own eventually, anyhow. But I hadn’t gotten a round tuit yet, and since I ran across a couple of links reminding me about this service yesterday, I decided to try it out. I’ve had a list of my most recent bookmarks in my sidebar for a long time now, but using the daily post feature will accomplish two positive things for me: it brings those bookmarks to my readers’ attention better, and it creates more frequent postings for my blog, even when I don’t have time to explicitly write something up.

There are two additional features that I wish it had. First, it would be nice if you had some control over the title of the post. As it is, it uses something like “links for 2006-03-15”. This is redundant, because the date is already on the post, and I’ve got them going into a category named “links”. It would also be nice to be able to have more control over the semantics of the links. For example, I’d like the links to use the rel-tag microformat. I might just need to whip up a plugin for that…

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