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How to revamp Yahoo! Groups?

Jeremy Zawodny has some thoughts about the possible evolution of Yahoo! Groups.

There are bits of JotSpot (notable Tracker), WordPress, and Flickr that I think could be sprinkled into Yahoo Groups, not to mention Google Maps and/or Wayfaring, Yahoo! Local, Google Calendar, and a few other things.

Jeremy is a sharp guy who keeps his finger close to the pulse of current happenings on the net. Yahoo! would do well to stay open to these ideas. I’ve got subscriptions to several lists that are hosted on Yahoo! Groups, but I’ve often been annoyed at the clunky interface that it uses. I think that if Yahoo! gave Groups a little love, the potential ROI could be pretty darned good. It’s a service that lots of people use, and so it has the potential to expose those people to other services (Flickr, blogging, calendars, etc) that they might not really be aware of, yet.

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