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Monthly Archives: April 2006

Digital Diva

It’s been a long time coming, but my wife, Susan, finally has a WordPress blog. You can check it out at As you’ll see when you get there, It’s Pink! Susan spent a lot of time adapting some CSS techniques for her site, and I helped her turn her html code into a WP theme. I’m sure she’ll be posting on a variety of topics, from web design and technology, to current events, to … Continue reading

Sesame Street

Over on’s links, I found this list of Sesame Street videos on YouTube. Talk about bringing back some memories. I’ve always loved Capital I, and Atlanta band Rooke used to do a version of it that was just beautiful. Other favorites include Mahna Mahna, The Ladybug Picnic, C is for Cookie, I Love Trash, and The Martians (yepyepyep). Claire has been watching some Sesame Street, and I’m sure she would enjoy some of these … Continue reading

No more automatic link posting

And now that I’ve helped out the rest of you who want to automatically generate posts from your bookmarks (with my daily post fixer plugin), I’m turning that feature off here. It was an interesting experiment, but I’ve decided that this isn’t how I want to present that information. Let’s examine the good and bad of the automatic link posts: Pros Generates more content for the blog Provides additional exposure for the pages that … Continue reading daily blog post fixer plugin

I mentioned previously that I wanted to make a WordPress plugin that would touch up the posts created by the “daily blog post” feature. I’ve tinkered with it on-and-off, and finally realized what was preventing the addition of the rel=”tag” microformat (I forgot to double-escape some backslashes in a string). So, I present for your automated link posting pleasure, the daily blog post fixer plugin (.zip). The plugin serves two purposes: it lets … Continue reading

Daily Links

Make Celtic Knotwork I wish I had more time to play with artsy stuff like this. I love Celtic knot patterns. (tags: art design celticknotwork celtic knots howto) Processor Comparison Chart This could come in handy when trying to get a rough idea of how one processor/speed compares with a different one. (tags: hardware cpu reference chart computer comparison)