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Sesame Street

Over on’s links, I found this list of Sesame Street videos on YouTube. Talk about bringing back some memories. I’ve always loved Capital I, and Atlanta band Rooke used to do a version of it that was just beautiful.

Other favorites include Mahna Mahna, The Ladybug Picnic, C is for Cookie, I Love Trash, and The Martians (yepyepyep). Claire has been watching some Sesame Street, and I’m sure she would enjoy some of these classics!

Oh, and by the way, if you’d like to be able to download videos from YouTube (or Google Videos, or lots of other services), check out KeepVid. Just pay attention to the instructions, because you generally have to manually name the file (KeepVid will tell you what file extension to use). You might also need to download an FLV Player.

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5 Responses to Sesame Street

  1. Curt says:

    Hey Dougal: Thanks for cluing me into this. I’ve just started a children’s arts & entertainment WordPress blog called ‘KidPop,’ and as I talk about in my newest entry, I found your entry about YouTube/Sesame street nearly the first time I started navigating WordPress.

    The funny thing is, I’ve been on the lookout for “Capital I” since forever. I even live in Atlanta, but I’m not familiar with Rooke.

    Is Claire your daughter? I have a daughter myself. You may find my KidPop blog fun and informative. That’s the idea, at least.

    My blog’s a little primitive at the moment — I’m slowly familiarizing myself with the WordPress interface. (I have a livejournal blog — — and I find livejournal a little more user-friendly so far. If you have any tips for WordPress blogging, please pass them along.)
    Best wishes.

  2. Del says:

    That rocks, the Martians one is pure genius and everyone knows the Manah Manah one.
    There was an English footballer called Steve Mcmanaman who’s surnae obviously lent itself to that tune brilliantly, and it could often be heard when he played

  3. rick says:

    there was a song by Oscar the Grouch. It contained the lyrics
    brown bread, boston baked beans and bunch of bananas in a basketball.

    I would love to know what the name of the song is and where I can find it.


  4. Rick, the song is “Oscar’s B Sandwich”. It was on the The Muppet Alphabet Album (released in 1971 and re-released in 1996 as Sing the Alphabet.) The 1971 version is much cooler. It was also on Let A Frown Be Your Umbrella released in 1974.

    Sesame Street Toys

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