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WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup Plugin

A couple of buglets snuck by in the WordPress 2.0.3 release. There should be a version 2.0.4 release relatively soon. But in the meantime, check out the WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup Plugin, by Mark Jaquith. It fixes a few of the more obvious/annoying problems (mainly errant “Are You Sure?” dialogs when performing certain admin actions).

More advanced users can also use SVN to track the 2.0 branch like so: svn co

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16 Responses to WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup Plugin

  1. dandyna says:

    I havent yet upgraded to 2.03. Should I? or should I wait for 2.04?

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  3. Jonathan says:

    Already applied the patch and it works beautifully. Good find!

  4. tim boucher says:

    yeah, honestly, its really hard to know when to upgrade to a new version and when to just wait – because it seems like these bugs are always sneaking in no matter what. maybe there should be some kind of ranking system (if theres not already) that classifies certain ones as “critical updates” or something…

  5. Marc says:

    I’m at Subversion revision 3850. Does that have the fixes?

  6. Dougal says:


    Revision 3850 is under the trunk, not the 2.0 branch. The most recent 2.0 branch revision at the time of this writing is 3841.

    From a quick look, I think that the plugin mentioned above is roughly equivalent to having revision 3828. (view changesets)

    The best way to keep track of it (for me) is to subscribe to the wp-svn mailing list.

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  8. Mark Jaquith says:

    I would NOT wait to upgrade. This is a security release. As annoying as these bugs are, they’re fixed by the tuneup plugin, and it’s not worth compromising the security of your data.

  9. Gosh. Once again, the lack of a co-ordinated, comprehensive testing program is biting WP in the ass.

  10. Do you have the time and experience to configure and fine tune a wpmu installation encluding using the cpanel to setup permissions as well as htaccesss configuration?

    If not do you know of a good, and quick person to do this type of thing?

    Jean Andre Vallery
    Sarasota Florida

  11. Rev. Bob says:

    Is it just me, or do people really hate that new editor? I’ve been struggling with it to get it to behave, and to get it to do something useful (e.g., <ins> tags, <cite>) I fear I’m gonna have to figure out how to write a plugin for that stupid editor.

    The editor change was good if you’re afraid of HTML, worse than useless otherwise. They’d better get a bunch of new adopters with that editor, because I know at least one long-time user who’s really pissed off at them.

  12. Dougal says:


    The WYSIWYG editor is one of those things that everybody just has to agree to disagree on. Like you, I find it too limited for my use. Fortunately, you can disable it in your user profile (see the checkbox at the very bottom of the page).

    The reasoning for turning it on by default is that we want WP to be user-friendly for non-techie users. But for advanced users like us, we have the option to turn it off. In fact, I have a homebrew plugin that turns off most of the other auto-formatting functions, as well. I just write all of the underlying HTML for my posts by hand.

    I *do* use quicktags, though. Mainly just for adding links, or occasionally for unordered lists.

  13. Rev. Bob says:

    OMG!! Quicktags is back! I rolled in my changes from last time, and I’m back in business. Evidently moving quicktags.js to a different directory was enough to completely baffle me when I installed WP 2.

    In case anybody wants to try my additions, they’re here:

    My <ins> and <del> tags are much nicer, imho.

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