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Atom Publishing Protocol Clients?

Does anyone have a suggestion for a blog client that implements the Atom Publishing Protocol API? I’d prefer a client that runs under Linux, but I could also deal with a Windows-based client using Wine. I’d particularly like to find something that actually attempts to deal with media resources (images, sound files, etc). I’ve got a couple of Firefox extensions (Atomic and Yulup), but they both seem to have shortcomings that prevent me from using them for in-depth testing.

“Testing what”, you ask? Hopefully, you’ll find out pretty soon…

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6 Responses to Atom Publishing Protocol Clients?

  1. skippy says:

    Drivel is a GNU/Linux GTK app that purports to support Atom. I’ve only briefly tinkered with it.

  2. Dougal says:

    Thanks, skippy, I haven’t run across that one. I’m really surprised at how hard it is to locate blogging clients like this.

  3. It looks like Drivel supports the Atom API, rather than the Atom Publishing Protocol. The difference between the two is going to be a big source of confusion.

  4. Dougal says:

    I admit I haven’t watched Atom development as closely as I should have. Is the Atom API just an earlier version of what’s now called APP, or are they two completely separate things?

  5. defuze says:

    Atom is the XML format described in RFC 4287.

    APP is a publishing/editing protocol based on HTTP and using Atom as the unit of message.

  6. I’ve tried to clear up the confusion between the two:

    There’s now a list of clients on the Atom wiki:

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