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Buggy clock

I’ve discovered a bug in my clock that’s been causing me all sorts of headaches. It’s really messing with my ability to complete projects when others are expecting them. If I can’t find a fix soon, I’m definitely going to have to get a new clock.

See, the problem is that this clock only counts 24 hours in a day. I think I need to upgrade my clock to a 36 hour model. That would probably give me enough time to do all my work, spend some time with my family, and maybe even get some sleep every once in a while. Yep, a 36 hour clock is what I need. Does anybody know where I can get one of those?

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9 Responses to Buggy clock

  1. James D Kirk says:

    Hey D,

    You know I actually have a 36 hour life/work style that might work in lieu of Walmart being out of the 36 hour clock you desire. Basically, I like to work, be awake, doing whatever until my body simply tells me that it’s time to sleep. Then, I find myself sleeping about 4 to 5 hours and get up to perform some more until I “have” to get some rest.

    I’ve logged my awake to sleep hours and total cycle times and they tend to average between 30 and 36 hour cycles. So, hey, there you go 😉

  2. Cynth says:

    We can eliminate Leap Years by designating a couple longer weekends per year that are 36-hour days.

    The Long-Sabbath Calendar Plan

    But it sounds like you need 36-hour weekdays. Mars has 24.72-hour days; that’s not enough.

    Pluto has 153.36-hour days, but its real estate values have dropped since it was declared no longer a planet, so I don’t recommend moving there.

    We need an asteroid to hit us or something.

  3. Somu says:

    Very funny. But I hear ya! From what I have learnt from GTD techniques, you can never really finish all the tasks, you just need to prioritize them. And leave the uncompleted ones to some other day.

  4. Dougal says:

    Somu, that would be fine if I didn’t have three major tasks all due on the same day.

    Actually, one of them got put off until next week. Oh wait, look! It’s been replaced by another task that I have to do immediately! Hurray for management by deadline! 😉

  5. Somu says:

    ya, tell me about it. As we progress through technologically, our work pressure progresses even faster.

  6. asrospacerich says:

    ooops darn dialup you guy’s have it right it seems as you get older your rest cycle gets out of sync i’m 54 and have been up over 24 already just surfin the net

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  8. Dougal,
    did you ever try Einstein’s thesis E=mc²? It might help you with your 36 hour clock problem 😉

  9. Do you remember the movie “MIB”? 36 hours a day….

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