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Monthly Archives: March 2007

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

One of the coolest things about WordPress is the powerful Plugin API which allows us to create add-ons which can radically extend the basic functions of our sites. Most plugins can be used simply by dropping them into your plugins folder and activating them. I don’t use a ton of plugins compared to some people — I can be a bit picky about what I add. And I’m not going to list every plugin that … Continue reading

Ow. Ow. Ow.

I’ve spent years at a desk job and very little in the way of extra-curricular activity, so I’m not in the best shape of my life. In fact, I’m in pretty poor shape. I’m grateful that my doctor was diplomatic about it when I had my 40-year-old physical last week. But I’ve been making somewhat of an effort to get myself into better general health over the last couple of years. If nothing else, I … Continue reading

Customer Service, Bad and Good

This is a little story about customer service. It’s about bad customer service, and it’s about good customer service. It’s about how a customer service rep should make sure that he really knows the answer to a question before spouting off, and if he isn’t sure, he should ask someone else. The dramatis personae in this little skit are Comcast and Tivo. Comcast will be playing the role of bad customer service, and Tivo is … Continue reading supports OpenID

The word just went out today that the blog hosting service now supports OpenID, both as a server and a consumer. Supporting it as a server means that if you have a blog on, you can use your blog URL as an OpenID. Supporting it as a consumer means that you can use any OpenID to login to your account (once you’ve associated your OpenIDs with your regular login). This means that … Continue reading

Important: Upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2

In the interest of getting the word out as quickly and as widely as possible, a brief word about a new WordPress release: If you recently installed version 2.1.1, you should upgrade to WordPress 2.1.2 immediately. There was a security breach on the server which housed the download archives, and some files in the 2.1.1 download were modified to include a serious security hole. There are more details in the official WordPress Dev Blog announcement. … Continue reading

Alabama Tornadoes

Many of you are probably currently familiar with hearing about the tornado that hit Enterprise, Alabama yesterday. What you might not realize is that my wife and I both graduated from the high school that was leveled in that storm system. Seeing the devastation in our old home town has been very surreal for both of us. Our niece, who is a senior this year, was at the high school when the tornado hit, and … Continue reading