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WordPress, web development, and world domination. supports OpenID

The word just went out today that the blog hosting service now supports OpenID, both as a server and a consumer. Supporting it as a server means that if you have a blog on, you can use your blog URL as an OpenID. Supporting it as a consumer means that you can use any OpenID to login to your account (once you’ve associated your OpenIDs with your regular login). This means that there are now at least 740,000 more OpenIDs in the wild!

I don’t know if there are plans to fold this functionality into the main WordPress core, but I’d guess not. But it would be nice to see it as an “official” plugin.

(via Factory City)

Update: as pointed out, I was mistaken about the consumer part. That’s a bummer, but the creation of nearly three-quarters of a million new OpenIDs is still pretty nifty.

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