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WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

Last night, rob1n tagged WordPress 2.2 RC1 in the svn repository, and Ryan Boren posted an announcement on his blog. That means that at this point, there shouldn’t be any major feature changes going into this branch, just bugfixes. It also means that it’s almost ready for official release. If you know what you’re doing, and you are willing to help test for and report bugs, download it from the Release Archives and give it a whirl!

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15 Responses to WordPress 2.2 Release Candidate 1 Now Available

  1. Derrich says:

    *giddy like school boy*

  2. Where is the changeLog ?


  3. Dougal says:

    There’s not a formal changelog done yet, AFAIK, but you can view the list of closed trouble tickets for 2.2 on Trac.

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  5. Jonathan says:

    What’s the svn address? I figured I could sw to /tags/2.2/, but that didn’t work.

  6. Dougal says:

    We only tag full releases. Ongoing development happens in branches (or in trunk). So what you’re looking for is:

    Bugfixes will continue to be committed in there. When the code is considered release-worthy, it will be copied over to ‘…/tags/2.2’, which will always be a snapshot of the code at the time of official release. But any subsequent patches will continue to go under ‘…/branches/2.2’, and if necessary, release snapshots would be made as ‘…/tags/2.2.1’, etc.

    Normally, the current RC code wouldn’t be in a branch, it would just be the trunk. But with the decision to back out tags until 2.3, we currently have an abnormal situation where there is active development along two branches (2.2 and trunk, AKA 2.3).

  7. Radek says:

    Future posts still do not work :-((

  8. Jonathan says:


    Gracias. I shall sw directly.


    Well, poop. I was really hoping that would get ironed out.

  9. Dougal says:

    Future posts still do not work

    If you find a bug, old or new, please report it on the WordPress Trac site, and also to the wp-testers mailing list. Include as many details as you can, including the steps needed to reproduce the problem, if possible.

    Oh, and I just tried a future post, and it worked just fine for me. Make sure that your timezone offset is set correctly in Options/General. Depending on what you’re doing, that could have an effect.

  10. Arun says:

    Are post and link categories separated in this version? Please say yes.. Please!

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  12. To be honest, I think WP upgrade their versions far too fast, I still didn’t manage to make the upgrade to 2.1 version and bah, 2.2 is on the horizon. Also, as I make my own WordPress theme, it’s a pain sometimes as some themes or elements end up incompetible with the newer version and this means I gotta somehow test them all with the new release.

  13. Dougal says:

    Arun: There are no real changes to the category system in the 2.2 release. The 2.3 release, will have a major overhaul to the category system to accomodate tags and other alternate taxonomies.

    WordPress 2.1 Fan: Normally, there shouldn’t be any theme issues with upgrades to core, unless you are bypassing the API in some way.

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  15. Dougal, well, I guess that is the disadvantage of not been a professional WP coder, like myself. I make the theme, it works, then I figure it does not even displaying properly in IE (as I work in FF) and when I tried to upgrade using my test blog, the widgets and some other fancy enhancements ended up been a lil` screwed up. Not to you have mentioned it, I don’t know if it interrupts or interfering with the API key. I’d have to check as I have no clue..

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