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Another new start

Free IQ - The Marketplace for Ideas

About two weeks ago, I started a new job (which explains at least part of my blogging lull, you see). I’m working on Free IQ, which is a streaming media site for entrepreneurs. There’s more to it than just the streaming media (you can upload video, audio, PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, etc.), but I’m still learning the ins and outs, so I don’t know the full scope yet.

When I interviewed, they were favorably impressed by the fact that I’m a WordPress developer. This is something that our industry is seeing more and more of — involvement in open source projects is often a good selling point in your resume. Several people have come by to ask me WordPress questions, and more than once I’ve been asked, “you’re the WordPress guy, right?” I haven’t actually done anything WP-related, yet, but I think that might come down the pipe one day.

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