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Monthly Archives: January 2008

Internet Explorer 8: This is progress?

Internet Explorer 8 passes the Acid2 test. Huzzah! But waitaminnit… What’s this stuff about forward compatibility by adding some new X-UA-Compatible header to my pages or my server? Am I reading this right? Are you telling me that in order for IE8 to use its fully compliant rendering, we have to add something new to our pages? And that if we don’t, it will fall back to rendering pages just like IE7? Is that what … Continue reading

Reactivate All Plugins feature in WordPress 2.5

Once upon a time, I whipped up a Reactivate All Plugins feature for WordPress, to compliment the Deactivate All Plugins action (which is recommended before an upgrade). Unfortunately, the patch didn’t make it into the WordPress 2.2 release. And I forgot to nudge anybody about it for the 2.3 release until it was too late. But, the plugin reactivation patch is slated for inclusion in the 2.5 release, due in March (BTW, you did know … Continue reading

International Delete Your MySpace Account Day

I just found out that January 30th is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day. What an awesome birthday present — I’m there, dude! I’ve been thinking about deleting my Myspace account almost since the day I got it but always opted out of doing so because of the few friends I have who don’t have Facebook accounts. But by remaining on Myspace, I realize, I’m becoming an enabler. I’m giving those friends no reason to … Continue reading

No more daily Twitter posts

Just as with my daily link posting experiment in the past, I have decided to discontinue my automated daily Twitter summary. I will continue posting to Twitter, and the most recent of my tweets will be displayed in my sidebar here. But think they should remain separate from my main blog content. I just feel like they “clutter” things up here, and the things I post on Twitter are different in scope from what … Continue reading

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-14

Crud. The micro-SD card I planned to put DSLinux on is only 32MB. DSLinux needs 40MB. Guess I’ll have to buy a bigger one next time I’m out. # Wrestling with health insurance companies. What a freaking racket. # The COBRA administrator cashed our (not-small) check on 12/31. But the doctor told us on 01/12 that our coverage wasn’t active. # I want my money back. # Just finished conference call. Time for coffee… # … Continue reading

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-11

Still tuning my work-from-home toolchain. Trying #Tomboy as a note-keeping tool. It’s like a wiki without the web server. # I think I’m going to un-follow a few people soon. If it turns out to be you, it’s nothing personal. Trying to raise the #tech s/n ratio. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-10

@zeldman Trivia: pound-for-pound, lemons contain more sugar than strawberries. # Knocked out some work-related email and IM this morning while I ate some fruit salad. Now to go run a couple of errands before I dig in. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Twitter Updates for 2008-01-09

Kids are all at school, and I have breakfast and coffee. Now it’s quiet work time. Other than the noise of the cat chasing our dog around. # Power out at home. Going to store for a new printer cartridge. # Back @ home. Power is back. Working again. Yay me. # The #WordPress patch I did several months ago for "Reactivate All Plugins" after you "Deactivate All" will be in the next release. Yay … Continue reading