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International Delete Your MySpace Account Day

I just found out that January 30th is International Delete Your MySpace Account Day. What an awesome birthday present — I’m there, dude!

I’ve been thinking about deleting my Myspace account almost since the day I got it but always opted out of doing so because of the few friends I have who don’t have Facebook accounts. But by remaining on Myspace, I realize, I’m becoming an enabler. I’m giving those friends no reason to switch over from Myspace by giving them access to my Myspace profile.

The only reason I even have a MySpace account in the first place is because at my last job, we needed to test how to format our video player embed code on MySpace. I did find one actual friend on MySpace, but since my wife and I now have email addresses for her and her husband…

The sole remaining reason for me to visit MySpace anymore would be to catch up on news about Weird Al. And really, there’s not much reason to visit it for that, because that’s not the official Weird Al website, anyhow (though, it is really his account).

I’m adding a reminder on my calendar to delete my MySpace account on January 30. How about you?

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15 Responses to International Delete Your MySpace Account Day

  1. I have never had a MySpace account.

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  3. I’d love to delete my MySpace account. Unfortunately, when I created it, something went wrong and I’ve never been able to successfully either edit it, or delete it.

    And since MySpace’s customer support, as far as I can tell, doesn’t actually exist, I’m basically stuck.

  4. Delete, delete, delete. I didnt kow. Wow. Looking forward to it!

  5. Junelle says:

    Its my bday on January 30 … but I’d rather leave my myspace as is 🙂

  6. Sara says:

    I’m glad you are deleting it! Facebook is much better. 😉 Are you on there? If so, pop over to my blog and add me. I have a link on there somewhere. Or email me and I will message and add you.

    I deleted mine about a year and a half ago. I was only on there to see what my kids were doing. They joined Facebook with me a while ago and been there ever since.

  7. Thanks for the support! I put your blog up on the FB Event page >

  8. Ha…I don’t even have a MySpace account, but probably, if I did, I’d delete it on January 30th. I am so annoyed by these ever growing community sites, where everyone is trying to be the most popular (by mostly not knowing their “friends”).

    So..everyone…delete away! 🙂

  9. technomads says:

    Delete your myspace account day was about a year ago for me …

    I know that there’s still alot of hype around web 2.0 and social networking, but I’m pretty bored of it all, really …

  10. Lex says:

    I’m bored of it, but I’m keeping my myspace page cos it helps people find my music. Besides, I can’t stand facebook.

  11. For all the hoolaboolah on myspace lately, someone needs to stand up for it. Being one of the original 300 members testing it, yes, I did start out with alot of friends. All of us were myspace friends, tho, during the signup they had only 25 people in the office at once. Since then, several of my actual friends went into working for myspace and here I am, still sitting at my office, with myspace, facebook and even friendster sitting in the background, giving me hours of useless reading throughout the day to keep me sane. And 5 years later, I have less than 300 friends on myspace and all of them I know. I work with them, went to school with them, lived near them or something, but I know them. And thanks to myspace, we found eachother again. Now, we post useless bulletins about what we all do in our 30s. Ok, myspace maybe is lame. But who cares? I don’t.


  12. Les says:

    Can we do the same for Facebook? I deleted my LinkedIn account last week, does that count?

  13. I wonder how many people actually deleted thier accounts that day…..And of those how many made a new one???
    Sounded dumb if you ask me…but you werent…haha

  14. File Host says:

    Haha, my MySpace account went ages ago and my facebook account is treading on thing ice. Its all the addons and applications that get on peoples nerves, same as myspace those crazy profiles that gave you an epileptic seizure just looking at them !!!!

  15. I missed this – but it reminded me that I do have a myspace page sitting out there, and yes, I think I’m going to go delete it!

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