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WordPress 2.6 Released

The release of WordPress 2.6 is now official. In addition to the features I highlighted previously, Ryan has details on his blog about the improved support for SSL, and some new helper functions which will be useful for plugin and theme authors. And the official dev blog post has details on other new features. One of the more interesting things that I didn’t yet know about was that the Press This bookmarklet has some nifty autodetection which will make it easy to automatically embed content from sites like YouTube and Flickr.

In addition to the new features, I’d also like to point out that there has been a recent effort to improve the inline source documentation (using PHPdoc). I, for one, certainly appreciate the work that is going into documenting the parameters, return values, and purpose of each function. It make things much easier when you have to trace back through the call stack to figure out where certain things happen.

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31 Responses to WordPress 2.6 Released

  1. arena says:

    Is there a bug with tinymce and Firefox 3 ?

  2. Kathy says:

    Do you know, is this a security update?

  3. @Kathy

    This is far more than just a security update. a TON of new features have been added and I’m sure there were security fixes too.

    Take a look at the dev blog post about it (see above)

  4. Matt says:

    Just a quick note that loging in after the update was quite a pain. In Firefox it got me to change passwords because I kept getting the message ‘please log-in again’. Then with the new password it still wouldn’t work. =/ Seems that deleting cookies relate to my blog was the answer. Never had this happen before.

    So, to anyone else…if you get the same “problem” as me, just delete your cookies. ^^

  5. lawless says:

    Matt, the cookie issue you came across is likely due to improved security features and how WordPress deals with cookies in 2.6:

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  7. TC says:

    how about the upgrade process? Can we just replace the updated/new added files into Wp 2.5.1 to upgrade it? or we have to upload the entire folder to upgrade it?

  8. says:

    Awesome, will be updating soon! Thx to the WordPress team

  9. displeased says:

    i think this constant update thing is a pain in the ass

  10. I second the improved inline source documentation!

  11. Matt says:

    Thanks for the link lawless =]

  12. Olivia says:

    @ Matt – had the same issue. Only deleting cookies worked.

  13. Mike says:

    NICE! Painless upgrade. Everything works great.

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  15. Eric Hamby says:

    I use IE and the upgrade went perfect for me. i had no trouble logging in at all. I do however think that a lot of the new things added in 2.6 were useless and not needed while they seemed to ignore things that could have been really usefull.

  16. This is great, thanks for the update here. I will update my blog to this.

  17. dvopilgrim says:

    After upgrading from 2.5, I couldn’t log in anymore, so I went back to 2.5. Until this bug is fixed, I’m not upgrading. This is a pain in the….

  18. Eric Hamby says:


    Not many other people are having this problem. The few that are are using Firefox, so i dought they will pay much attention to this or call it a “bug”

  19. dvopilgrim says:

    Eric, the “few” Firefox users make up 37 percent of my visitors.

  20. Eric Hamby says:

    I understand that, however a lot of firefox aren’t having this problem, just a few. So you cant include all your firefox users into this. If it was “all” firefox users then yes i would say this is a major bug.

  21. dvopilgrim says:

    A few out of ten of millions of Firefox users here and there having problems doesn’t amount to a “minor” bug. Maybe the techies out there who have this problem are able to resolve it without help, and aren’t reporting this problem.

  22. Eric Hamby says:

    Funny that for all these people you are saying are having trouble… there really isn’t anything posted in the wordpress forums.

    want my advice, get rid of firefox.

  23. dvopilgrim says:

    Eric, get rid of that wretched IE.

  24. Eric Hamby says:

    Why…. my IE is working. lol

    I love firefox users lol you people are tryule mad.

    If you hear about IE having a problem you blame IE for it, saying its crap and its no good you should use FF. But when FF has a problem all of a sudden its the designers fault and its only because of a “bug” in the code and in no way FF fault. LMAO you people are just funny 🙂

    Nice of you to tell me to get rid of IE when your FF is the one not working lol

  25. money talks says:

    after the update was quite a pain. In Firefox it got me to change passwords because I kept getting the message ‘please log-in again’

  26. Lex says:

    wordpress is awesome but I can’t keep up. I think I’ll wait – as usual – until the bugfix has been done… by the user base…

  27. Speener says:

    Please tell me why the widget interface wasn’t revised to allow moving widgets from one sidebar to another?

  28. The best things for me in WP 2.6 –

    1) The automatic upgrade for plugins now works.
    2) I can see total comment count now on my dashboard.
    3) I can see that a new version of my plugins are available from my dashboard (a red balloon pops up just like the new comment balloon).

  29. Web Host says:

    So nothing really significant about the 2.6 update? I wish they would make the admin panel easier to moderate comments so you dont have to see every freakin comment you approved mixed with the spam comments

  30. How To Jump Higher says:

    This update was one of the best things to ever come from wordpress in the last few months. Their last update and version of their software was bogus and I rolled things back to the version before that.

  31. A says:

    Do you know, is this a security update?

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