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Wanted: Cross-platform mobile shopping list app

Okay Lazyweb, help me find what I’m looking for. I want a mobile shopping/todo list app that my wife and I can both use to keep shared lists. I’ve got an iPhone, Susan has a Blackberry Curve — it should be easy to use on either of those devices. And of course, we’d want to be able to edit our lists via our desktop web browsers, as well.

It should:

  • support multiple lists
  • support sharing lists between multiple people
  • make it super easy to check off items
  • be able to sync the latest list updates from anywhere
  • be easy to use on iPhone, Blackberry, or any web browser
  • be inexpensive

It doesn’t have to have (but could):

  • support store-specific lists
  • be aware of what aisle items are on
  • support recipe ingredient lists or meal planning functions
  • support item categories within lists

I looked at a few list applications for the iPhone in the App Store, and I did some searches on the general intarwebs, but the apps I found all fell down in some way. The usual failing was that they didn’t support (or at least didn’t make it clear that it would support) sharing lists between people, or weren’t cross-platform.

Is anybody out there aware of such an app? Given my failure to locate one myself, I’m inclined to think that either 1) my Google-fu was weak that day, 2) the app I’m looking for exists but needs better SEO (this is what I suspect), 3) developers of the existing list apps aren’t doing a good job of highlighting all of their features (which I also suspect), or 4) there is an opening in that market space that would be pretty easy to fill. If I thought I could spare the time, I’d try to develop a service like that, myself.

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