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WordPress 2.6.2-beta1

It looks like there’s going to be another point-release of WordPress coming soon. WordPress version 2.6.2-beta1 was just branded in svn a short while ago. Looking over the logs, I don’t see anything major — a fix for the Textpattern importer, a bug fix that prevents an attempt to make a revision of a revision, a new ‘login_redirect’ filter, a new ‘wp_rand()’ function, and a handful of other minor bugfixes.

I’m kind of wondering if there’s something bigger that’s going to be added before release…

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  2. Neil says:

    Would be good to see something a little different and new other than bug fixes, dont get me wrong, its kool and i appreciate all the work, but hmm anyways, what i was thinking would be pretty kool, was to be able to determine a certain image for our blogs to use across all comments for those who dont have gravatar. Sure wavatar and identicons are kool enough, but a little more control over comments would be great 😉

  3. Devin Reams says:

    That is so bizarre, I was brainstorming how I would create a random function based on random seeding on the bus this morning.

    …I sensed a disturbance in the force?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Also i think this changeset address this possible security bug, or m i wrong?


  5. Mari Davis says:

    Just wondering if the IE7 bug will be fixed soon? Up to now (version 2.6.1) if you upload images and try to insert the image in the post, the Link URL (None, File URL, Post URL) are not working properly. I know that WordPress supports Firefox and trying to promote it, but IGNORING Internet Explorer is irresponsible, don’t you think?

    WordPress might be a free software, but it being ‘free’ does not relieve good developers the responsibility of writing the BEST software, right?

  6. Jeffro2pt0 says:

    If anyone has seen WordPress 2.7 via SVN, I don’t see how anything could be bigger than what is in the pipeline for that release.

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  8. Dougal says:

    Ryan and Anonymous: Thanks for the pointers. I sort of guessed that the new random function could be security related, and I wondered about the space conslidation in usernames, but wasn’t aware of those particular issues. But when I speculated about something bigger coming, I was indeed aluding to a possible security patch.

    So those are proactive measures to address weaknesses that exist in PHP and MySQL.

    Jeffro2pt0: Yes, WP 2.7 is definitely something bigger coming down the pipe, and I’ve played with it a little. And in fact, I plan to speak about it at WordCamp Birmingham. 🙂

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  10. Dgold says:

    Thanks for the news Dougal. I came across this post looking for an answer about ‘login_redirect’ because it hasn’t been working right for me under WP 2.6 and 2.6.1. I’ve been messing with some plugins attempting to do, what it looks like they’re now going to do in the WP core, hopefully. If I’m reading TRAC correctly. (In my case I would like to first fix the broken redirect upon login which sends me to an error page, and secondly I would like to be able to control where the Redirect goes for users with permissions less than Administrator. I want Subscribers sent to “Profile” or possibly sent back to the page they logged in from, and Contributors/Editors sent to “Write New Post”, and only the Administrator sent to Dashboard.) Do you think this fix will allow this functionality for me? I think TRAC is saying that the new login_redirect fix would allow someone to write a plugin, that would do my requested feature. Anyone out there working on such a plugin? I already tried Weasel’s Login-Redirect Plugin and it didn’t quite satisfy my needs.

  11. Pinara.Net says:

    I hope next release can execute php code on post or page, becasue excute php code very important to make custom or add-on with other script

  12. Monika says:

    since the gallery feature WP is never xhtml conform, because the core file set *style* in html templates.

    Do you know if the bug was fixed?


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  17. Granny says:

    i would love the different widgets for different pages ticket resolved

  18. Owen says:

    *sigh* .. when you said WordCamp Birmingham I thought that there might have been a WordCamp in the UK (there’s a major city called Birmingham here), only to find out you meant Birmingham in the US. Ah well, some other time

  19. Andre says:

    Hey Owen, there was a WordCamp in Birmingham, England – back in July:

    WordCamp UK website/wiki

    From what I heard it was great and they’re planning more events soon… but we’re looking forward to WordCamp Birmingham!

  20. Daniel says:

    What more could they add as far as a major release is concerned? WordPress does everything I want it to do right now…and if there is something that it doesnt do all you need to do is search the plugin site and you can probably have the plugin do 99% of the things you are missing/need

  21. Hander says:

    When I go to any particular comment and edit anything in the comment on that page; after saving the change-s it takes me to my main Blob page “/”. Shouldn’t I be taken back to the previous page instead? Has any one seen this same thing? I am not sure if it was happening in a previous release or not.

  22. Imran says:

    currently i am not having any problem in my current 2.6.1 version and i am happy with it , and i hope they improve more in the next version.
    Thanks for the News.

  23. iwebie says:

    WordPress 2.6.2 contains a handful of bug fixes. We at run on WordPress 2.6.2

  24. Thai SEO says:

    I am happy with current 2.6.1 version but WordPress 2.6.2 contains a handful of bug fixes. I’ve just upgraded my blog to this new.

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  26. Now that 2.6.2 is released, there should be no issues like this.

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