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Monthly Archives: November 2008

WordPress 2.6.5 Released

The WordPress team released WordPress 2.6.5 earlier today. This release addresses a potential XSS (cross-site scripting) attack under some server configurations, plus adds some bugfixes for some other minor issues. As noted in the official announcement, there was no official 2.6.4 release. There was an attempt to fool people into downloading a fake release under that number, so it has been skipped in the official release numbering, to avoid confusion. I would like to take … Continue reading

WordPress for Business Bloggers sample chapter

As a followup to my review of the book WordPress for Business Bloggers, I am able to make a sample chapter available to my readers. This is chapter 5, “Content is King.” This chapter shows that while the book does focus on business blogging, much of the advice is applicable to any type of blog. This section covers suggestions on writing good headlines, post length and frequency, using categories and tags, creating an “About” page, … Continue reading

Mac bootup sound ringtone for iPhone

This is from an inside joke here at the Microsoft Web Developer Summit, but if you’d like to have the Mac bootup sound as a ringtone on your iPhone, here ya go!

Book Review: WordPress for Business Bloggers

I recently received a copy of the book WordPress for Business Bloggers, by Paul Thewlis, published by Packt Publishing. The preface states, “WordPress for Business Bloggers provides advanced strategies and techniques to take your WordPress business blog from average to extraordinary. Whether you already have a blog, or are still in the planning stages, this book will show you how to use WordPress to create a highly successful blog for your business.” Read on to … Continue reading

WordPress iPhone App beta testing

Do you use WordPress? Do you have an iPhone? Or do you just like beta testing cool apps? You could help beta-test the upcoming WordPress for iPhone 1.2 release. The catch is, you can’t test unreleased apps on an actual iPhone. Instead, you have to download the (free) SDK, and run the code in the iPhone simulator. A lot of work to go through, to be sure, but if you’ve got time on your hands, … Continue reading

Socializing a WordPress site

For this week’s WordPress Wednesday installment, let’s look at a few changes I’ve made here on this site in the past few weeks. As mentioned previously, there were several areas that I knew I wanted to go ahead and improve in the short term, as interim measures until I put a whole new theme in place. One of my primary goals here is gain and retain readers. I want to make the site “sticky” by … Continue reading