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WordPress for Business Bloggers sample chapter


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As a followup to my review of the book WordPress for Business Bloggers, I am able to make a sample chapter available to my readers. This is chapter 5, “Content is King.” This chapter shows that while the book does focus on business blogging, much of the advice is applicable to any type of blog.

This section covers suggestions on writing good headlines, post length and frequency, using categories and tags, creating an “About” page, and backing up your site (among other things). This chapter is a pretty good representative sample of the book. It contains general advice and suggestions, along with technical information about how to perform certain functions in WordPress, an example of using a third-party plugin (Configurable Tag Cloud), and information about how to backup and restore your database using phpMyAdmin.

My thanks to Packt Publishing for providing the sample chapter for my readers to check out!

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  1. Craciun says:

    Thanks for sharing the chapter 5. Indeed, content is king, and this is true not only for WordPress based sites. WordPress is definitely a good tool for business bloggers.

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  3. Dinhtuan says:

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    You’re right. You got to have good content.

  5. Istoselidon says:

    Great article and informativ. I have this bookmarked. Thanks

  6. tony says:

    nice blog!! your article are good trip for me Thank you (:

  7. berkay says:

    thanks for this sample chapter. it is good 🙂

  8. thanks for making the chapter!

  9. Tammy says:

    i have always said content is king! it really is, well…GOOD content is king! thanks for the download.

  10. Gabrielle says:

    Very helpful for blogger’s who want to cross-over to the business world and succeed in it through blogging. This is compact yet very informative. Utilizing technology and not abusing it can take us to many places. Thank you for this Mr. Dougal Campbell.

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