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WordPress 2.7 Released

WordPressWell, that didn’t take long 🙂

With a few last minute fixes since Release Candidate 2, WordPress 2.7 “Coltrane” is officially released. This is probably one of the most ambitious releases to date, in particular due to the radically redesigned backend interface. After much testing and feedback, I think the team has given us a very professional looking, flexible, and consistent interface that should serve us for the foreseeable future.

Besides the new user interface, there are performance speedups, and a ton of other improvements and new features. Some of the new things you’ll find are:

  • Sticky posts
  • Nested comments
  • Comment paging (display N comments per page)
  • Reply to comments directly from the admin review
  • Keyboard navigation for moderating comments
  • Draggable/configurable modules in the Dashboard and Post/Page editors
  • Built-in WordPress upgrade system

And of course, there are some other goodies under the hood that I can’t remember right now.

As I’ve mentioned previously, due to some of the backend changes, it’s possible that some plugins might not work correctly with WordPress 2.7. You can check the Plugin Compatibility List on the Codex to find out about many popular plugins. The only plugin I had a problem with was Drain Hole, and I noted a quick fix on the Codex page.

I’m pretty excited about this release, as I think the new interface finally puts some real polish into the system that we were missing before. I’m also looking forward to taking time to poke through the rest of the system and find other new features and plugin hooks that I haven’t had a chance to discover yet. What’s your favorite new feature?

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14 Responses to WordPress 2.7 Released

  1. “Comment paging (display N comments per page)”

    I suppose I could answer this by installing 2.7 (not sure I’ve got enough comments though)! But how does the pagination of the comments work with regard to URLs, meta titles, meta descriptions, and duplicate content in google?

  2. Thank you very much aç?kö?retim hakk?nda her?ey

  3. I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7 on two sites. I was afraid I wouldn’t like the new interface. It’s customizable enough though that it looks like you can move things around. I also like that the interface seems faster than the old. It should make navigating and posting a lot quicker.

    From what I’ve read they don’t expect major user interface changes through the next year, I think they’ve laid a good foundation for what comes next.

  4. Piotr says:

    What’s my new favorite new feature I am about to discover. It is more towards saving your time nowadays and thus I think I am gonna like this “Reply to comments directly from the admin review” feature.

  5. registry recovery says:

    thank god for the build in upgrade feature. the manual download and install has always been an irrating feature. i’m sure its not that bad if you only have one blog but i manage several and having to update wordpress has never been a fun task in the past!

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  7. deepthi says:

    i like the old version bcoz it is versatile with plugins

  8. Johnny says:

    I am pretty excited about the sticky posts feature. In the past I have had to constantly mess around with the dates on my other blogs to achieve this. I think it is a huge improvement. I am happy about the nested comments too, because the plugin I used seemed kinda hit and miss with some of the themes.

  9. Sori says:

    I am still getting used to WP 2.7 but it seems to be working just fine. I really don’t like change, but I am a new blogger and hafta figure that change is just part of the whole experience.

  10. Crosatelite says:

    Thanks, I love wordpress, my site on wordpress:

  11. Michiel says:

    well, I'm just new to wordpress, installed the latest 2.6 just a few months back, play around a bit, but nothing serious

    just after the 2.7 release I do some more blogs and serious this time, wow, that's such a smart well build application !!

    I love this, I hate most CMS systems, but wordpress is something else !


    happy new year everybody 🙂

  12. Gunner says:

    What is the cost of WordPress 2.7 with an initial purchase?

  13. andrie says:

    I love wordpress 2.7 especially the dashboard. You can see everything from there like new comment, stat, quick post.

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