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I was Web 2.0 before Web 2.0

Just about 7 years ago, Brent Ashley was experimenting with some dynamic browser/server communications using Javascript and IFRAMEs. This was one of the early techniques would later evolve into what we now call AJAX. Brent used this remote scripting to create a live chat that you could embed in your own blog.

Congratulations to Dougal for being the first to publish a new BlogChat. There are others on the way, too. I’ll blog them when I’m given the go-ahead.

via brentashley » 2002 » February.

Later, Brent and Tim Aiello turned this idea into a hosted BlogChat service. After all this time, it’s now being laid to rest. I ran the chat on my blog for a while, but eventually took it out, because I was frequently getting chat requests while I was trying to work, and I found it disruptive. However, it’s fun to recall that I was doing Web 2.0 before anybody was calling it Web 2.0.

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