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Monthly Archives: March 2009


Recently, I launched a new project called Twitual. Twitual is a service which lets you compare your Twitter friends and followers lists in interesting ways. You can see which people are ‘mutual’ (you follow them, and they follow you back), which are ‘fans’ (people who follow you, but you don’t follow them), and which are your ‘idols’ (you follow them, but they don’t follow you back). Currently, I still consider Twitual to be in an … Continue reading

The Future of WordPress Themes

A couple of months ago, Ian Stewart asked me to be one of the voices for this year’s roundup on The Future of WordPress Themes 2009. There were a variety of angles from which to look at the subject, so it’s interesting to see how everyone interpreted the question. There are discussions about “Premium” themes and the GPL, about whether plugin functionality belongs in themes, and about seperation of presentation and content, among other things. … Continue reading

There’s no place like…

For anyone who wasn’t already aware, my wife and I spent the last two weeks in the hospital with our son, Jamie, who had pneumonia. Scary stuff, that pneumonia. I hope nobody else we know ever gets it. Anyhow, Susan and I pretty much lived at the hospital the whole time Jamie was there, though we did manage to get some work done remotely, and Suze put in some face-time at her office here and … Continue reading