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There’s no place like…

For anyone who wasn’t already aware, my wife and I spent the last two weeks in the hospital with our son, Jamie, who had pneumonia. Scary stuff, that pneumonia. I hope nobody else we know ever gets it. Anyhow, Susan and I pretty much lived at the hospital the whole time Jamie was there, though we did manage to get some work done remotely, and Suze put in some face-time at her office here and there.

Jamie was released on Friday afternoon, and we were certainly glad to get home. It’s hard to imagine that we’ll ever get caught up on sleep (those fold-out chair/bed things are not the least bit comfortable, and nurses came in and out of the room every few hours during the night). And of course, I seem to have caught a cold, because you can’t be at a hospital without getting sick — it’s a universal law or something.

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