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Where’s Waldo?

Or, more to the point, where’s Dougal?

Sorry about the long silence here. After our son got out of the hospital from his pneumonia, he had four weeks of therapy before he returned to regular school. I had to drive across town to drop him off and pick him up, which ate up around 3 hours of each day when all was said and done. I’ve also tried to devote some time to taking care of some tasks around the house before I start my new job.

MailChimp HeadNew job, you say? Yup. I’m going to be working at MailChimp (go ahead, post all your ‘code monkey’ puns, get it out of your system). MailChimp is a service for managing email newsletter campaigns, with nicely formatted HTML mail templates, and readership analytics. The team there is already doing a lot of nifty stuff, like when they used Amazon Mechanical Turk to help vet a large set of programmatically generated themes and color schemes. I’m looking forward to seeing what I’ll get to work on, both in the main service, and in their “MailChimp Labs” projects.

Drupal LogoI’ve also been dipping my toes into Drupal a little bit lately. My wife, Susan, uses Drupal at her job, and I figured it might be nice to offer her some real ideas every once in a while, instead of just saying, “if you were using WordPress, I could help you figure out how to do that.” And no, they can’t just switch to WordPress, unfortunately 🙂 Drupal does have a steep learning curve (if you really want to do more interesting things with it), but it also has some nifty architectural bits. While much of it still feels alien to me, some of it has more in common with WordPress than I expected. When I feel like I’ve learned enough, I’ll try to write up a WordPress/Drupal comparison (mostly from the developer’s perspective).

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