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Monthly Archives: July 2009

WordPress Packages?

On my way to work recently, I was listing to a Drupal podcast (because I had already listened to all of my WordPress-related podcasts). The participants spent some time talking about something they called “Drupal Distributions”. This is a Drupal feature that lets a developer pre-package the Drupal CMS with a set of modules and settings to create a custom install tailored to a specific task. Each distribution takes some set of Drupal themes and … Continue reading

Analytics360 Plugin for WordPress

Last week, I linked to a video showing a preview of the analytics plugin for WordPress that MailChimp commissioned from Crowd Favorite. A lot of people were interested in it, so they’ll be happy to learn that I just got the word that the Analytics360 Plugin for WordPress is now available to all. I’ve installed it here, and since I’ve already been gathering Google Analytics stats on this site, it immediately showed me my current … Continue reading

WordPress + MailChimp + Analytics = Awesomeness

This video shows a new WordPress plugin, coming soon available now, which will integrate Google Analytics stats for your blog and your MailChimp email campaigns, right inside WordPress. Even if you don’t use MailChimp for sending out email newsletters, you’ll still be able to use the plugin for your Google Analytics stats (though I think you’ll have to register for a free MailChimp API key correction: I’ve just been informed that the plugin will not … Continue reading

WordPress theme licensing

There is finally an official answer to the question of whether or not WordPress themes must “inherit” the GPL license that WordPress itself uses. Matt asked the Software Freedom Law Center to examine the WordPress source and how themes fit in. The final, official answer to whether themes must be GPL? Yes and no. 🙂 As many people have theorized before (myself included), the PHP files in a theme fall under GPL because they are … Continue reading

WordPress Themes Tutorial

If you aren’t already following along, I highly recommend checking out the How To Create A WordPress Theme tutorial series by Ian Stewart ( This 12-part series (8 complete at the time of this writing) aims to take you from nothing to a fully functional, semantically rich, flexible WordPress theme in digestible chunks. Along the way, Ian describes the changes being made, and why you are making them. In this way, you can gain a … Continue reading