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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Dougal on WordPress Community Podcast

I was the guest tonight on the WordPress Community Podcast, hosted by Joost de Valk and Frederick Townes. We talked about upcoming features in WordPress 3.0, my past work as a WordPress core developer, my WordPress plugins, microformats, and a smattering of other topics. My interview should be up later tonight. Joost and Frederick do a great job with the interviews, so if you haven’t already, you should subscribe to the WordPress Community Podcast and … Continue reading

WordPress Code Spelunking

Earlier today, I finished up a WordPress plugin that I’ve been working on for a client.  Without divulging too many details, I’ll say that it wasn’t a huge project, nor was it overly complicated, but it was interesting. One fun thing about working on projects for clients, is that it often gives you a chance to explore areas that you might not have looked too closely at on your own.

Bing Maps Photosynth Mashup

I’ve always been a big fan of Google Maps. But stuff like this is could sway me into using Bing Maps on a more regular basis: Microsoft is combining geo-tagged, Creative Commons licensed photographs from Flickr, and integrating them with Bing Maps using their awesome Photosynth technology. To try this feature yourself, you’ll need the Silverlight browser plugin.