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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Server updates

I got all of my VPS servers updated to the latest version of Ubuntu (11.04) the other day, and fixed the MailScanner spam filter on my mail server. Whew!

As an added bonus, my web server is also running the newest versions of Apache, PHP, and APC.


Rather cool site with a free mathematics software for learning geometry and algebra. Browser/Java-based, with ability to run offline.


Tags: geogebra, geometry, algebra, math, tools, education, learning

Server fun

Tried upgrading Ubuntu on my mail server. Broke MailScanner config. Had to scramble to figure out how to reconfig postfix to deliver mail directly, instead of holding it for MailScanner to pick up. I really need to find a way to migrate away from doing my own email admin.

JavaScript Garden

“JavaScript Garden is a growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of the JavaScript programming language. It gives advice to avoid common mistakes, subtle bugs, as well as performance issues and bad practices that non-expert JavaScript programmers may encounter on their endeavours into the depths of the language.”

JavaScript Garden

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