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Monthly Archives: December 2012


Motherfuton brings us more CSS goodies. The xycss framework supports horizontal grids, vertical rhythm, liquid, responsive, web fonts, etc.


Information Overload

I don’t have information overload. I have time underload.

I need more time to learn all the cool stuff I want to learn!



As the end of my current contract job comes near, I’ve begun putting out feelers for a new job. Looking over some of the descriptions and skill requirements for job openings, I see a pretty common thread: big companies are (still) asking for Java and .NET programmers, while smaller firms tend to look for developers using PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, etc. This got me thinking about “Enterprise” platforms, and so I posed a question … Continue reading

Box Sizing | CSS-Tricks

Tired of doing crazy calculations and adding unneeded wrapper divs to keep your web layouts from falling apart? You might want to try using ‘box-sizing’ to declare an alternate box model. Lets you keep padding ‘inside’ your declared container width, instead of adding to the overall width. It even works in IE8+!

Box Sizing | CSS-Tricks