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Yarrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day Is Almost Upon Us!

Once again, Talk Like a Pirate Day is almost here. Yes, this Friday, September 19 is Talk Like A Pirate Day, and all good citizens of the Interwebs are expected to participate! To make it easy for all of my WordPress friends, I created the Text Filter Suite plugin, which will automagically piratify your web site for TLaPD. Just go to ‘Add New Plugin’ in your Dashboard, and search for ‘talk like a pirate’. And … Continue reading

Ooh, a gladiator!

Paula and Susan posing with the Gwinnett Gladiators mascot, Maximus. #hockey Published via Pressgram

Pantheon Platform Adds WordPress Support

Pantheon, long known as a platform provider for Drupal hosting, has now added official support for WordPress, as well. Pantheon provides a scalable web platform with devops-friendly dashboards and tools for deployment and management. The first and most obvious thing we did was ensure the platform was WordPress-friendly. This is the only piece of work that wasn’t on our roadmap already, but luckily it wasn’t very hard. The requirements for running Drupal vs. WordPress are … Continue reading

mysql vs mysqli in WordPress

I recently ran across an issue that I was previously unaware of, so other developers could run into it as well. I was having problems with a plugin, which started misbehaving. The plugin had previously worked fine (it generates a sidebar widget), and I wasn’t actively working on my site, so I wasn’t really sure when it had quit working. In the course of debugging the problem, I discovered that the plugin was throwing warnings … Continue reading

Presentation Video

Back in March of 2013, I gave a presentation at WordCamp Atlanta titled “Secure All The Things”. I’ve just noticed that the video of this presentation finally went up on a few weeks ago. At the time of the WordCamp, I had been really busy at work, so I hadn’t had as much time to rehearse or revamp my slide deck as I had wanted. Despite that, I feel like the talk went off … Continue reading

Mad Scientist Pumpkin Build

I recently volunteered to make a craft pumpkin (not an actual gourd with guts) for our daughter’s 3rd grade class. Each class is making a pumpkin, and all the pumpkins will be raffled off at the school’s Fall Festival this weekend. The best pumpkin will win a prize for the class. Claire’s class picked the theme “Mad Scientist”. I had originally thought I’d be able to spend a little time over the course of several days planning … Continue reading

Make Your WordPress Site Talk Like a Pirate

It’s been 9 years since I first released my Text Filter Suite plugin. The TFS is actually a collection of a “TFS Core” plugin, plus several sub-plugins, including the infamous “TFS Pirate”, which will turn your posts and comments into pirate-speak for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Over the years, I have been meaning to refactor the code. It really should be one single plugin, with an options screen to enable individual components, choose … Continue reading

Vagrant Quickref Cards

I recently started using Vagrant for managing virtual machines. A coworker and I are planning to introduce this to the development workflow for our IT team (along with a bunch of other improvements to our development life-cycle). Since I’m still new to Vagrant, I wanted a quick-reference card for the commands, instead of having to go back to the main documentation web site in my browser, and navigate to the details for an individual command. … Continue reading

WordPress 10th Anniversary Blogging Project

The official 10th anniversary of the release of WordPress is May 27, 2013. It has been an amazing 10 years, during which WordPress evolved from a simple blogware to a very full-featured CMS (Content Management System), used to power some of the biggest and most popular web sites on the internet. All over the world, people are planning celebrations. As much as I like a good party, I thought this would also be a good … Continue reading

Improve Apache thread memory usage

Thing I learned today at CoderFaire Atlanta: If you are using Apache with the worker MPM model (or the experimental event worker) under Linux, you can probably improve your memory usage. By default, there is an 8MB stack size per thread, which turns out to be overkill. If you change the size to 1MB, you can save a ton of memory: <IfModule mpm_worker_module> StartServers 8 MaxClients 512 MinSpareThreads 64 MaxSpareThreads 128 ThreadsPerChild 32 ThreadLimit 512 … Continue reading