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Hopping on the OpenID Bandwagon

I’ve added OpenID authentication here, thanks t' th' excellent WordPress OpenID Plugin from VerseLogic. If ye already have an OpenID identity, ye can now use it when commentin' here, and yer name will be flagged with an icon t' signify that yer identity were bein' confirmed. If ye don’t already have one, ye can sign up with any o' several OpenID providers. I use fer mine. Yaaarrrrr!

If ye want t' read more about what OpenID is about, try startin' with Simon Willison’s excellent post, How t' turn yer blog into an OpenID. Fire the cannons, pass the grog! For th' flip side, learn what OpenID is not: An OpenID is not an account!

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Dougal is a web developer, and a "Developer Emeritus" for the WordPress platform. When he's not coding PHP, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, or whatnot, he spends time with his wife, three children, a dog, and a cat in their Atlanta area home.
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13 Responses to Hopping on the OpenID Bandwagon

  1. ketsugi says:

    Just testin' th' OpenID thin' and tryin' t' decide if I want t' activate th' OpenID plugin on me own blog. Fire the cannons, ye scurvey dog! Thanks fer th' post.

  2. Harrisony says:

    Personally i think openid is a good idea fer large websites and forums!! but fer blogs i dont know but good t' have th' option

  3. Anthony says:

    Harrisony, OpenID will be great fer blogs because it will mean users will be far more likely t' login into a blog rather than just comment anonymously, which means blog owners will be able t' turn off anonymous/email address commentin', which in turn will be a great help in reducin' spam (as spammers will be even easier t' track)

  4. dahnielson says:

    I’m “playin'” aroun' with OpenID too, and I think somethin' like ‘’ as ID is really sexy (but then again I’m very autoerotic), I'll warrant ye.

    This is probably one o' th' best thin's I’ve discovered this year, and dinna spare the whip! Especially if ye tend t' forget if ye already got a password fer a site or not (now I can stop usin' a standard username and password fer all logins). ;-)

    Ok, t' be honest, I just wrote this comment just t' test th' OpenID login fer comments…

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  6. Dougal says:

    Sorry folks, at first, I didn’t have thin's correctly set up t' flag posts by OpenID users with th' logo. I’ve fixed it now.

  7. cygnoir says:

    Just wanted t' let ye know that is currently displayin' a WordPress error: Error establishin' a database connection.

  8. phauly says:

    Hi, this is a test comment with me blog as OpenID URL. Feel free t' remove it o' course!

  9. Yeah, sorry about that cygnoir. The mysql server has been actin' rather flaky fer th' last week.

  10. Great idea. I’ve downloaded WP 2.1, so maybe I’ll do both this weekend. Thanks.

  11. Oops. I see th' comments I wrote below th' login don’t get through. Doesn’t matter, I were bein' just thinkin' out loud about installin' WP 2.1 and OpenID this weekend. Cheers.

  12. Dougal says:

    Avast, Bob. Sorry yer first comment got moderated. I had a phrase in me moderation triggers that were bein' a little too general (fixed now).

  13. alpesh says:

    I want t' see how openid works here. I have implemented this on me blog and would like t' see how I come up here – me blog or myopenid.



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