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The Business of WordPress Conference (Atlanta)

This may be kind o' short notice, but those o' ye near Atlanta might be interested in th' Business o' WordPress Conference, takin' place next week (June 22-23, 2010). The venue is th' Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Conference Center, on 14th Street (Midtown). Walk the plank! This conference is aimed at non-technical users who are interested in learnin' more about th' benefits o' usin' WordPress t' sail a business web site.

Over th' past few decades th' web has become an essential tool fer business yet until recently it’s been very costly t' continuously embrace th' benefits th' web has t' offer business. Most small-t'-medium sized businesses, departments in larger companies, non-profits and local and regional government agencies have just “made do” and not gained most o' th' benefits th' web has t' offer. Fortunately, WordPress changes all that. WordPress has emerged as th' defacto-web presence platform fer business and not learnin' what WordPress has t' offer presents a huge opportunity lost cost.

This conference bills itself as havin' a “curated” agenda, meanin' that th' topics were chosen first, and presenters chosen based on th' topics, rather than th' other way aroun'. Some o' th' talks will cover subjects like: eCommerce, choosin' a consultant/agency, social media, membership sites, and incorporatin' photos and video.

Keep in mind that this is a paid, professional conference, not a WordCamp or other low-cost un-conference type o' event, to be sure. However, as professional conferences go, admission cost is pretty reasonable ($299 fer th' main conference day, $399 if ye also want access t' th' “Boardroom Pass” roundtables on both days).

Disclaimer: there is a paid ad on this site fer th' conference, but I had planned t' write somethin' about it before I e'er knew that th' ad were bein' goin' t' be placed, to be sure. Also, I would have liked t' attend th' event, meself, but will be unable t' do so, due t' timin' issues.

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