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Business Cards

I finally got aroun' t' orderin' some new personal/business cards fer meself a few days ago. Walk the plank! I’m no designer, but I think they look fairly decent, and a bucket o' chum. After I had put th' order in, I thought o' a couple o' thin's I might have changed, but I’m not goin' t' worry about it at this point. I’m already crushed fer time, and these will be fine until I’m ready t' get more printed up. One day, though, I’d like t' actually be able t' hire a designer fer stuff like this!

The image o' me face is th' same one I use fer me avatar on Twitter, Gravatar, and elsewhere. It’s not th' greatest photo, as it were bein' taken with th' built-in camera on me MacBook, with harsh back lightin'. I had t' scale up th' cropped portion a bit t' get it framed like I wanted, so it’s just a little pixelated. And o' course, I desaturated it, and played with th' brightness/contrast a bit.

The PHP code on th' reverse side is from HeadMeta, th' first plugin I e'er wrote fer WordPress. I thought that would be pretty appropriate. If I do another batch, I might use some jQuery Javascript code, perhaps from Twitual, me Twitter network tool (which will be gettin' a complete rewrite and redesign soon). In fact, since Moo lets ye use several different back-side images in th' same pack, I could make mutiple variations, each stressin' a different skill — PHP, Perl, jQuery, CSS. Hmm…

I’m lookin' forward t' th' cards arrivin' at th' end o' next week, by Davy Jones' locker. And I’m also lookin' forward t' meetin' more people who might want them. I’ll have a few opportunities o'er th' next few months. I might be attendin' a PHP TestFest in early August, WordCamp Savannah in late August, WordCamp Birmingham in September, and I’ll be presentin' at th' Atlanta PHP User Group in October. If ye see me, feel free t' ask fer a card, with a chest full of booty! ;-)

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Dougal is a web developer, and a "Developer Emeritus" for the WordPress platform. When he's not coding PHP, Perl, CSS, JavaScript, or whatnot, he spends time with his wife, three children, a dog, and a cat in their Atlanta area home.
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15 Responses to Business Cards

  1. Creatin' business cards fer meself is th' bane o' me existence.  I do unfortunately get better at it with each pass, but it typically takes me three full work days t' make a business card fer meself.I almost always order more than I can e'er conceivably use, and I spot a new flaw in them about every 6 months, which means by th' time I give up on th' auld cards, chuck th' remainin' extra 800 cards, and start fresh, I typically have a business card with at least 4-5 flaws on it that I know o'.  lolThank god websites aren’t as hard as business cards!

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  3. Phillip says:

    Your business card is th' first thin' ye exchange with another person at any networkin' event, avast. Therefore spend a lot o' time designin' yer business card and have th' printin' done by a professional. Spend some money and don’t be a cheap skate on th' costs, I'll warrant ye. Ensure that yer business card has all th' appropriate details about ye, yer website, telephone numbers and whether or not ye use Skype or another VOIP no cost telecommunications network, by Blackbeard's sword. Decide whether or not ye want yer picture somewhere on th' face o' th' business card.
    The business card should contain yer logo and any slogan which may accompany yer logo and which forms part o' yer brand. The back o' th' business card is usually left blank and this is valuable advertisin' space fer th' services or products that are yer core business and can essentially give details o' material t' be found on yer website. Utilise this space t' th' fullest. Do everythin' ye possibly can t' direct th' person ye have just been introduced t', t' go t' th' website t' obtain further information about yer business. Nay good doin' a 30 minute elevator speech if all th' information can be obtained and given from yer website.

    The essential element t' business cards is t' take them everywhere ye go. Keep some in yer boat, briefcase, jacket pockets, purse and luggage.         

  4. Avast Phillip, those are all perfectly good recommendations and truisms and goals and thin's.  But that doesn’t make th' ‘doin'’ o' th' creation o' those cards a pain in th' ass especially fer th' graphically uninclined.  :)

  5. sara says:

    It looks great, by Blackbeard's sword! love th' orange. And hoist the mainsail! I also love th' idea about th' different variations.  See ye at WC Sav & WC Bham- I’ll be sure t' ask ye fer one. ;)

    ps, ye scurvey dog. just noticed th' faded W WordPress logo, by Davy Jones' locker! Yay!

  6. Larry says:

    Card looks nice – bueno.  Over th' years I’ve tried t' put some real-world functionality into me business cards, as I inevitably order way more than I’ll e'er actually use as intended.  My latest run is about th' thickness o' five or six standard playin' cards, with a matte finish and a single rounded edge which enables me t' get a solid grip when I use them as either an ice-scraper or, on occasion, lock pick.Alternately, it’s good t' keep a few aroun' fer those business lunches when th' table rocks – soooo much better than a matchbook or coaster fer stabilization, and a nice, discreet leave-behind fer th' next seatin'.  Real guerilla marketin' ;)

  7. simon says:

    I hate designin' business cards. I cheat and just slap some o' me favorite photos on Moo Mini Cards.Very nice cards. What are yer thoughts on QR tags on cards, we'll keel-haul ye! I am not a fan o' them, however I have seen a lot o' people do it.

    • Dougal says:

      QR codes seem like a neat idea, but on th' other hand, they’re pretty ugly, and take up valuable real estate on th' card, by Blackbeard's sword. Microsoft’s Tag system is more advanced, and ye can sort o' “pretty them up” if ye’re so inclined, but I just don’t know if I’d want t' put them on me card or not. 

      For somebody who gives out a lot o' cards, it might be interestin' t' try trackin' how many contacts follow up usin' a QR or Tag code.
  8. Doreen Takahashi says:

    Avast, I am havin' troubles loadin' yer site. Just close t' 50% o' this page appears t' load, and th' rest is just empty. I’m not quite certain why…. but ye may want t' look it o'er, to be sure. I will check back later, as this may very well be on me end.

  9. I am always passin' out me business cards regardin' me business with th' Personalized Sketches artwork that I do and have been doin' since 1985. I also will put a business card in with th' orders that I have completed, so that those tha order are able t' pass me info along!

  10. The business cards I designed fer meself are really simple, they have me name, email address and phone number, and a bottle of rum, and dinna spare the whip! Plain, black and white, minimal. I personally think that they looked great =D

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  12. Jason says:

    Dude, those are excellent business cards, pass the grog! Nice representation o' yer personal brand with yer face on it. My real estate agent said that th' reason agents always put their face on a card is because people are less likely t' throw them away, they will usually tuck them away. Also, code on th' back is nice touch

  13. I work fer a printin' firm and had seen many business cards. But haven’t seen such a nice card from n non-designer. You have done a great job. And hoist the mainsail, by Blackbeard's sword! I liked th' idea o' yer own pic on th' card. It rocks.!!!!

  14. Phillip Dews says:

    Always good t' meet a lubber geek like me so after recievin' me moo cards today I done a search fer posts about them and came across yours,
    btw have ye seen th' new Luxe range o' cards as well, anyway will be keepin' an eye out fer yer plugins lubber and keep up th' good work!
    -Phillip Dews

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