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World Wide Web

Emphasis on the “world wide” part.

I chatted with tjp from Hungary(!) earlier. tjp asked me to look at this cool little drawing app. The page is in Hungarian, but tjp’s English was fine, and I was able to get some tips to get me going.

  • caps-lock will toggle you between “click” mode, “pen down” mode, and “pen up” mode.
  • right-click a pixel to set it to the background color.
  • The links at the top are (left-to-right):
    • Back to main
    • Creative Gallery
    • Canvas Erase
    • Saturation –
    • Saturation +
    • Hue –
    • Hue +
  • Click the link labeled “Elõnézet” to update the square on the right with a small version of your drawing.
  • The text boxes at the bottom are for your name, and the title of your drawing. The “Mentés” link will save your drawing.

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