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iStockPhoto Relaunch

We web designers are always on the lookout for sources of images to use in the sites we create. Most image sources are either low-quality, or very expensive. One great exception is iStockPhoto, which offers royalty-free images uploaded by its own members, many of whom are professional photographers or designers.

To support the site, they are now charging $0.25 per download, $0.05 of which goes back to the original artist. I’m hoping that this will be a very sucessful model for them. Especially since I’ve been meaning to upload some of my own photos for a while now.

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2 Responses to iStockPhoto Relaunch

  1. Ehab says:

    hey there : )

    iStockPhoto is simply wonderful. So beautiful images, from all corners of the world – at so little expense. What impresses me is the price of the print resolutions. Imagine the cost of hiring models, photographers and setups to take one for yourself -)

    t/c !

  2. I’m a fan of iStockPhoto and use image from their quite often. The images are of good quality and are reasonably priced too. The site’s a doddle to use too.

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