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Scottish Mood-Enhancing Ice Cream

Scottish ice cream maker Mackie’s is launching what it claims is the world’s first mood-enhancing ice cream, according to a report in Scotland on Sunday. The company, based in Aberdeenshire, Scotland has added the essence of an orchid native to Alaska to a low-calorie ice cream, a recipe it claims makes people happy.

I never thought that ice cream needed anything extra in it to make me happy. Mmmm…. Ice cream….

Dr Bernard Senior, a food expert at Dundee University, added: “I have heard nothing like this before. I think it’s a load of codswallop. Many people are gullible and there are those who will go out and buy it. No doubt it will make a lot of money for someone.”

Ooooh, a new word — “codswallop”. I’ll have to remember that one. As far as the money goes, I think that the Alaskan orchid sellers will be the big winners in this, because they don’t stand to lose anything when this product flops.

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