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If you’re doing any kind of graphical design, be it for the web, print, or whatever, is a great resource. For a long time now, I had been meaning to upload some pictures. I finally got around to it about a week ago, and my pictures finally made it through the review queue. If you’re interested, you can see some of my photos.

There’s nothing spectacular there, though I am fond of the Sunset Behind Winter Trees picture, which I’ve made my desktop image at work. One of these days I’ll try to do something more along the lines of traditional stock photography (objects isolated on a plain background). We’ve got a curio cabinet in the house full of nify subjects….

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9 Responses to Photography

  1. iStockPhoto? I don’t know. I still haven’t found a good stock site that wasn’t filled with a lot of crud

  2. Mark Scheuern says:

    Do yourself and the industry a favor and stay far, far away from They are getting rich off the backs of cheap labor. The folks who contribute get a whopping 20% of nearly nothing vs. industry norms of 50% or more of much, much larger payments. Don’t devalue yourself and the industry by giving your work away and lining these guys pockets. And please check out for plenty of good information about legitimate stock agencies.

  3. Many of the people who participate on iStockphoto are professional photographers who are well aware that they can get more money elsewhere. Nobody is being exploited. The purpose of iStock is to provide a low-cost alternative to other stock photography sources, and a way for amateur photographers to get exposure that they otherwise might not have access to.

    No, you won’t get rich by contributing photos to iStock. But that’s not the real point of the site. The point is for photographers and designers to be able to share resources at extremely reasonable prices.

  4. has a ton of traffic and attracts a lot bad photos.

  5. is another – I think they may have now merged with istock photo now though but still a great site for resource

  6. Nick Gregan says:

    I have used both sites over the last year or so and although the commission rate is poor compared to major stock agencies generally so is the quality. I have a good fiend who has been contributing to several major libraries for a few years and he puts in an amazing amount of time, effort and investment to produce fantastic images. He has to recoup his investment some how make a living. My basic point is this, if you want to make BIG commissions from your shots IF they are good enough, submit to the big agencies. If you’re happy to tick over and make some money, however little it is, out of photographs that may not be accepted anywhere else – what’s the problem.

  7. I have been to istock photo and i find all my resources on it. The prices of the photos are low, I share some of my works also on istock..

  8. Wedding photographer in Houston says:

    Being a photographer myself, I am using istockphoto for quite some time now. I think its a great website. I confess that I have not been made rich by istockphoto but I definitely raise enough to pay for my petty expenses. More over the joy of sharing and exposure counts to me the most.

  9. KathMo says:

    There is nothing wrong with offering a service like this. It is up to each user to assess its usefulness. Personally I dig through it from time to time and find some gems.

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