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We Have the Way Out

Microsoft and Unisys recently launched a new joint advertising campaign — under the slogan “We have the way out” — to promote the Unisys ES7000 Enterprise Server, which can run a data center version of Windows 2000. The server and operating system combination is being promoted as an alternative to Unix-based server products.

On Monday, it was revealed that a Web site set up to promote the advertising campaign was running the FreeBSD operating system, a free version of Unix (see story). Netcraft Ltd., a company in Bath, England, that monitors the software and operating systems being used by Web sites, also said that the site was running Apache server, another piece of open-source technology.

Then yesterday, the site disappeared. Attempts to access it earlier today brought up an “Error 404, file not found” message. According to Netcraft data, the anti-Unix site was migrated yesterday from the FreeBSD operating system to Microsoft’s Internet Information Server 5.0 software on Windows 2000.

Neither company was immediately able to comment on any connection between the switch and the disappearance of the site.

And my boss keeps asking me why I want to switch our web servers over to Linux or FreeBSD….

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