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Bees, Beavers, and Other Busy People

Yeah, yeah…. No updates in a while. I’ve been in the zone at work, and haven’t had time to get online from home.

Over the last week or so, I’ve spent a lot of time hacking my way through some SOAP::Lite and XMLRPC::Lite voodoo. After converting one of my perl libraries into a proper module, I was able to implement an XML-RPC server in about 7 lines of code (20 lines, if you include blank lines, comments, and some unnecessary stuff). Cool.

The client side weighs in a little heavier, at around 100 lines. But most of that is just in how it turns the XML-RPC result into formatted HTML.

I’ve also worked a little with some C code today. Tomorrow I’ll be doing some more Perl, and touching lightly into some Java Server Pages stuff. I don’t really know Java or JSP, as such. But I can figure some of it out when I have to.

Maybe I should keep a running tally of which technologies I touch on any given day. It might make an interesting graph…. HTML, CSS, XML, SOAP, XML-RPC, Perl, C, JavaScript, Java….

Oh yeah, speaking of JavaScript…. New site feature — There’s a checkbox in the menu that will control whether external links will open in new windows, or in your current browser window. Eventually, I’ll set your preference in a cookie, in case you don’t like my default setting.

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