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Monthly Archives: November 2002

Another nail in NS4’s coffin?

Joy. Zeldman points out: Whatever its failings, Netscape 4 made it easy to install digital certificates essential for encrypting sensitive data–which is one reason web pros in the cash-strapped public sector have been stuck with that browser since man first walked upright. Hark! Hope: CREN has partnered with Opera. Hence Opera 7 will include a group certificate signed by CREN, enabling libraries and universities to migrate from a 1997 browser to a modern one that … Continue reading

I still hate Netscape 4

So I spent a few minutes modifying my template to give my blog better semantics. I use header elements for blog entry titles, the date & author are in a <cite> element, the menu uses lists and header elements. I cleaned up the CSS to the point that there aren’t even any warnings any more. So of course Netscape 4 didn’t see the styles anymore. Oh well. At least it saw a fairly well-structured document. … Continue reading

Structured Procrastination

I’ve been practicing Structured Procrastination for years. I just never got around to inventing a name for it. But that was on my list of things to do….

Don’t ever change

Okay, a few changes here. Removed the javascript that would automatically open links in new windows. Removed BlogSnob ad box. Removed the Blogdex metalinker links. Removed the Google search term highlighting. Rewrote the HTML for the menus in the sidebar to be more semantically meaningful. Revalidated the XHTML and CSS. Added an RSS 2.0 feed (in addition to the 0.91 version). Added link to my FOAF file. Fixed MIME types served for RSS and FOAF … Continue reading

Almost famous

Dammit, this guy stole my idea…. Mike needs to be famous… and fast.

Geek Syndrome

I found a link to this article on Geek Syndrome, AKA “Asperger’s Syndrome”, AKA “high-functioning autism”. The article includes a test to measure your “AQ”, with scores of around 16 being “normal”, and scores above 34 being “extreme”. My score was 31. Even discounting that there were a few questions I was wishy-washy on, that’s still, um, interesting…. [via Reflective Surface]


Mark Pilgrim is back from his hiatus, with lots of cool goodies to get the brain juices flowing. He never fails to bring something cool to my attention. His New Door project sent me off on a blog exploration trek that netted me several sites that will almost certainly become regular reading for me. And his efforts to improve his site’s standards compliance are interesting, as well. I’ve been meaning to clean the cobwebs out … Continue reading

I’m a Nielsen

My wife recently got a call from Nielsen Media Research. You know, the “Nielsen Family” people. That’s right, we’re now a Nielsen Family. For one week, we’ll be keeping “TV Diaries” of what we watched. With four adults and two kids covering three generations in our household, we should be able to give them a good spread of data. I’m sure we’ll be making the Disney Channel and Food Network people happy. Not to mention … Continue reading

With Great Power

I guess the movie industry’s motto should be, “with great power comes no responsibility.” Comic book legend Stan Lee says that Marvel owes him big bucks due to a contract that grants Lee 10% of all profits from the comic book characters he created. Marvel claims that, ‘the company has seen no “profits” as defined by their contract.’ Ummm….. Yeah. Right. The Spider-Man movie grossed over $400 million domestically, over $700 million since the release … Continue reading