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Monthly Archives: November 2002

Software Development

At work, I think I’m about to get excited about Eclipse, a sort of uber-IDE that can use plug-ins for handling all sorts of different programming languages, platforms, environments, etc. It’s an Open Source project with lots of Big Names behind it. Very cool, in a mega-geek kind of way. At home, I’ve gotten a little excited looking at some weblog software called b2. I had previously been looking at pMachine, which actually seems slightly … Continue reading

BMG Rolls Out Protected CDs in Europe

Music giant BMG is apparently poised to implement copy protection in all of its European CDs. I bet that a lot of Europeans can expect to have problems with it, despite BMGs claims that the CDs are Red Book compliant. I’m not in Europe, but I already have a couple of CDs that give me trouble, despite the fact that (to my knowledge) they do not contain copy protection. The CDs in question are Barnaked … Continue reading

Re-election Day

Here in Alabama, the race for the Governor’s office is running neck-and-neck. Democratic incumbant Don Siegelman claimed victory last night after an AP report showed him ahead by a few thousand votes, with 97% of the returns counted. Representatives for Republican rival Bob Riley called some of the districts to verify vote counts and found discrepancies that didn’t match up with the AP numbers. They said that Riley was ahead, and Riley claimed victory. For … Continue reading

Voting Day!

I had sworn off the whole “which X are you quiz” fad. But this one was topical…. Which Founding Father Are You?