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Monthly Archives: October 2003

Peanut Heaven

It’s once again time for the National Peanut Festival, held in Dothan, Alabama. Wow. Their web site really sucks. I was going to say some other things about the Peanut Festival, but that page threw off my groove. Nevermind. Move along, nothing to see here.

A short interview with The Incredible Hulk

So, Mr. Hulk, I hear you recently got a new job. What did you do when you got your first paycheck? HULK CASH! Uh huh. And what does someone like yourself do to stay in shape? Do you go to the gym, play sports, do a lot of swimming? HULK SPLASH! We heard that back when you were in college, you got into a little bit of trouble at one of the football games. What … Continue reading

Commenting in IE6 problem fixed

Last month, my wife informed me that she couldn’t post comments on this site using IE6. I found a work-around, but never got around to tracking down the real source of the problem. I received an email from Michael Heilemann this morning, informing me that this problem was back. I had forgotten all about it, so when I updated my site to a newer version of WordPress, the problem reappeared. I finally spent a few … Continue reading

Blog Service Pinger issues?

I’ve recently become aware that some people are having problems with my Service Pinger. Apparently, something about the halloween stylesheet is causing the form elements in the menu sidebar to overlap some of the ping form elements in such a way that they become unclickable. I’ve made a minor adjustment to the stylesheet. So if you were having problems before, please try again now, and let me know if you are still having problems or … Continue reading

How do you burn an ISO using OEM Nero?

After reading lots of good things about Knoppix Linux Live CD, I thought I’d give it a whirl. I downloaded the ISO image, intending to burn it using the OEM version of Nero that came with our CDRW. But darned if I can figure out how to do it. I found an option in Nero Express for burning from an image, but when I try to open the 700MB Knoppix image, the software keeps telling … Continue reading


Last night, I tried out Apple’s iTunes for Windows. Susan wanted to make a music CD with a customized set of songs, to play during a Mary Kay gathering. She searched through our personal music collection and found most of the music she wanted, but she wanted to round things out with a few more songs. I installed iTunes, imported the MP3s that I had ripped from our CDs into the iTunes Library, performed some … Continue reading

A List Apart 3.0

Zeldman has announced that the new design for A List Apart is now live. In addition to the new look, the article index, and category selections, there are three great new articles available. I was already up-to-speed on CSS image replacement techniques and random image rotation with PHP, but that article on sliding door tabs had some great techniques in it that I hope to put to good use soon.

Carnivorous coffee

I don’t know why this morning is different from any other, but the coffee I drank on the way to work this morning has grown claws and long, sharp fangs, and is slowly but surely chewing its way out of my stomach. Ugh. I think I’d better throw a honeybun or a bearclaw down there. Maybe it will act as a buffer…

Comment spam notes

There’s been more talk about comment spammers around the net lately. And there’s especially been some traffic around Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin for MovableType. We’re going to be doing some similar things for WordPress. I’ve commented in a few discussions about an idea that I have that would be more of a deterrent (hopefully) than a blocking mechanism. It would work by encoding URLs in submitted comments, randomly replacing characters with their numeric entity equivalents. … Continue reading