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How do you burn an ISO using OEM Nero?

After reading lots of good things about Knoppix Linux Live CD, I thought I’d give it a whirl. I downloaded the ISO image, intending to burn it using the OEM version of Nero that came with our CDRW. But darned if I can figure out how to do it. I found an option in Nero Express for burning from an image, but when I try to open the 700MB Knoppix image, the software keeps telling me that it is “not a valid Nero image”, or some such nonsense.

Does anybody have any ideas? Is there some other easy way I can burn that image under WinXP without purchasing anything?

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8 Responses to How do you burn an ISO using OEM Nero?

  1. Dougal says:

    Okay, nevermind. I Googled up a bunch of links yesterday, prepared to try a few different things. But then last night I fired Nero Burning ROM up again, and it didn’t give me errors this time. Go figure.

    I tried booting Knoppix on my home computer, but it seemed to freeze up at the point that it was scanning the drive partitions. I’ll play with it more later.

  2. Gene Abner says:

    These machines can be frustrating at times. I am not familiar with linux or knoppix. However, Nero is bundled when it comes with the CD/RW. And all features are not functional. You can download nero 6 off the internet. It has a few features that are functional for a trial period. You will have to buy it later in order to keep it. Mine works great under xp, both home and pro:grin:. You might Check it out. Cheers

  3. Steve says:

    I Downloaded win98se full retail from ,Ive burned the files on a disc then exstracted it in to my unzipped folder when it opened it looks just like it does when you explore a real Win98se disc.Now how do i burn it so it makes my blank CD-R a fully working Win98se operating system. when i try to brun an image like someone told me to do i cannt find the iso,bin,cue file to us in the win98se folders. I have Nero Express

  4. Juggler says:

    I had the same problem just now with Nero. Anyone know what’s causing this?

  5. Dougal says:

    Just to update…. I’ve been using CDBurnerXP Pro for burning ISOs, and it works great. And it’s free!

    It will rip/burn audio CDs, as well. (though, I use Easy CD-DA Extrator for ripping audio CDs)

  6. the duderly stoner says:

    1. I have an OEM version of Nero that does not contain all features of Nero 6. What do I do?

    As you purchased Nero with a recorder, you have an OEM version that can only be used with that single recorder. OEM versions are limited versions, which do not contain all features. The manufacturer of the recorder decides about the features which will be implemented in the Nero OEM version. That means your version of Nero does not include all features of the full (= retail) version.

    If you would like to upgrade to a full version, you need to order an upgrade serial number or upgrade CD. This serial number turns your OEM version into the latest Nero 6 retail release. It also enables you to use up to 4 recorders at the same time. Please visit our online shop for information and pricing.

  7. John Bokma says:

    @duderly stoner: I have never heard of a Nero OEM version not able to burn an ISO straight to DVD or CD, and I have bought quite some CDRW drives the past year, and each came with Nero and never had this issue. A step by step guide for burning an ISO is at Burning a DVD ISO image with Nero Express, which I wrote using an OEM version of guess what…

  8. LUcas says:

    In nero, go to burn, burn image, and load the ISO file

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