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Last night, I tried out Apple’s iTunes for Windows. Susan wanted to make a music CD with a customized set of songs, to play during a Mary Kay gathering. She searched through our personal music collection and found most of the music she wanted, but she wanted to round things out with a few more songs.

I installed iTunes, imported the MP3s that I had ripped from our CDs into the iTunes Library, performed some searches in the iTunes Music Store, purchased and download the additional songs we wanted, created a playlist and put the songs in the order we wanted, then burned a CD with our selections. I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly everything went.

And hey, wow — our Memorex 52x CDRW is hella fast! It burned 56 minutes worth of audio in 2 minutes. Awesome! Since I had just installed the CDRW a couple of days ago, this was the first real test it had 🙂

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