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Monthly Archives: January 2004

Caution: Hardhat Area

The handful of you who have actually visited my site before will notice that I’ve finally upgraded my site. I’m now running on a 1.0+ version of WordPress. I’m using a minimally modified stock template (I added a few things to the menu area), and I’m working on some new CSS stylesheets. I still need to add back the “last visited” hack, and one day when I’ve finished the current style and created some new … Continue reading

Changes aren’t permanent. But Change is.

I’ve been working behind the scenes for a while now, getting ready to upgrade this site to WordPress 1.0+. I haven’t had as much time to work on it as I’d like, but I think I’m going to go ahead and take the plunge anyways. One big change is going to be a new stylesheet. That’s not finished yet, either, so you’ll probably see things evolve slowly over the next couple of weeks. The upgrades … Continue reading

Weight Goal

Reached my goal of losing a pound this past week. Though, I didn’t catch up on the extra 0.2 pounds from the previous week. I blame it on all the salty tortilla chips I ate last night. I’m probably retaining an extra few ounces of water 🙂

We are Borg

<Suze> Eek! My brain has now accustomed itself to CSS, and I can’t figure out how to make my form look decent without creating a style sheet! <Suze> I’m not really worrying about the style right now, but I’ve got it in the back of my head of how to make it look good. <dougal> 🙂 <dougal> You have been assimilated!

Desk? What desk?

As is my habit, my desk at work has been accumulating cruft for quite a while, and it’s finally reached critical mass. Time for me to clean it up before the gravitational well generated by all the junk threatens to suck me in forever. I tend to be a packrat — I hate to throw anything away. To me, a “filing system” is a pile of printouts, arranged chronologically. Which is to say, whatever I … Continue reading

Weight Goal

Due to eating out at restaurants more than usual last week, I didn’t quite meet my goal of losing a pound last week. I lost 0.8 pounds. I plan to make up for it over the course of this week.

Social Networking

In 1967, Stanley Milgram proposed the “small world theory”, which proposed that every person on earth is connected to every other person by a chain of just six other people. In other words, you know somebody, who knows somebody, etc., You might have heard of a humorous application of this called the Kevin Bacon Game. Several years ago, some clever programmers created a web site, called SixDegrees (it’s been down for a while, but is … Continue reading

WordPress 1.0

While I was away on vacation, Matt kicked off the new year with the official WordPress 1.0 release. There are lots of changes in this version, both under the hood and in the body. For a quick reference, Mark made a comparison chart detailing the features of b2, WordPress 0.72, and WordPress 1.0. And in related news, you can now download nightly builds of WordPress. This should be useful for those of you who would … Continue reading

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I’ve set a lofty resolution for this year: I’m going to try to lose one pound per week. I currently weigh about 270 pounds. I’d like to get down below 225. My wife thinks I’ll be too thin at 215, but I’m thinking 200 might be closer to ideal. We’ll see. The key is going to be finding time to get some exercise. I’ve been monitoring my weight over the past six … Continue reading